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Commercial and Industrial metal roofs

Colorbond metal is an excellent roofing material for commercial and industrial projects. It is a high performance material that is cost effective and allows for a quick turnaround. Construction time is minimised and your business can be up and running in no time.

An astute selection from the extensive range of Colorbond Australian colours, allows businesses to promote their branding image in a singularly unique and visually memorable way. The choice of roofing colours, mixed with judicious wall cladding can help define your brand within your industry.

Whether you want a roof restoration, a roof replacement or a roof for a new construction, AGF Metal Roofing has the experience and the resources to get the job done, on time and within budget.

There are many benefits to a Colorbond metal roof, for example:
  • Excellent spanning capabilities, allowing more efficient use of a column free floor area
  • Lower roof pitches, making temperature regulation in large areas more efficient
  • Fast and efficient construction, which reduces overall costs and down time
  • An extensive range of Australian colours, allowing more freedom in creative design
  • Colorbond metal roofs are strong, durable and corrosion resistant, ensuring that your roof stays looking good for many years into the future
  • They resist chipping, peeling and cracking and are very low maintenance, saving you money over the long term
  • They are highly non-combustible, termite resistant and solid enough to stand up to our harsh Australian sun
  • Made from 100% recyclable material